Supporting the hybrid working environment

The PanaCast range can help to support the gradual return to the office, with many colleagues still working from home as well as in a traditional office environment. With that in mind, video conferencing will still be a big part of the working day. Jabra PanaCast devices are here to help workers navigate the new normal, though immersive vision, video and AI.


The Jabra PanaCast Series offers advanced video conferencing tools, with solutions to suit the modern working environment.

The world's first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar

The Jabra PanaCast 50 delivers high-end video conferencing with AI algorithms to intelligently adjust the meeting experience.



3 x 13-megapixel cameras, mounted to create a 180° field of view

9 Edge processors,
including 2 Edge AI processors

8 beamforming microphones
with precision voice detection

The Jabra PanaCast 50 takes the role of director, adjusting the video stream to track action in the meeting. AI algorithms are able to adjust the picture framing depending on what's happening in the room. This results in a remote meeting that feels completely immersive and responsive.

Benefit from 2 simultaneous video streams at once with the Jabra PanaCast 50, enabling focus on both the meeting participants and an area of interest in the room. With whiteboard sharing, the Jabra PanaCast 50 also has plug-and-play use, so anyone can deliver engaging video whether they are in the office, or remote working.

The Jabra PanaCast 50 is optimised for all leading UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Putting safe, socially distancing meetings back on the table, take advantage of industry-leading professional audio and video technology.

Personal video conferencing reinvented

Jabra has also released a new and intelligent personal video conferencing camera, the PanaCast 20, which can be used almost anywhere.

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

The Jabra PanaCast 20 has built-in AI capabilities, with all functions taking place on the device itself. This can dramatically reduce the risk of security breaches, while improving speed and accuracy.

With 4K Ultra HD and HDR video, the PanaCast 20 benefits from Intelligent Zoom to help frame the user correctly, no matter their environment. Advanced processors and a powerful camera facilitates crystal-clear images with virtually no latency, while Intelligent Lighting Optimisation will adjust your image for better image quality.

The world's first intelligent 180 video solution

The Jabra PanaCast was designed as the world' s first intelligent Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution.

  • Full 180 field of view
  • Plug-and-play by
    bringing your own laptop
  • Intuitive whiteboard sharing

When you have the right equipment, anywhere is a meeting room. Ideal for businesses, education and healthcare, you are able to transform the way people work and bring them together seamlessly. Bring your own laptop for plug-and-play, or combine with a hub or dock for a simple user interface.

The Jabra PanaCast integrates with your meeting room solutions and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Intelligent Zoom includes everyone in the conservation to optimise your screen, while the intuitive whiteboard sharing feature makes it easy to share content from up to 3 whiteboards digitally, thanks to pioneering software.

Transform the way you work in the new normal

Together, Kinly and Jabra are making it easier to access the right collaboration tools, in order to support the new normal of hybrid working environments. Discover devices that are optimised for use with the leading platforms, allowing you to enhance productivity and promote inclusivity.

72% of US executives are planning new investment in tools for virtual collaboration to support hybrid working.

70% of organizations believe that the productivity gains of remote working are sustainable beyond the pandemic.

67% of employees want to restructure open spaces into collaboration places (meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.).

  • 1PwC Remote Work Survey of 127 US executives
  • 2Capgemini Research Institute Survey of 500 organisations
  • 3Capgemini Research Institute Survey of 5,016 employees

Don't just take our word for it.

Many companies and public sector organizations are already experiencing the productivity benefits of Jabra PanaCast solutions.

UC Today selected the Jabra PanaCast 50 as 2021's "Best Meeting Room Product", at the UC Awards 2021 noting that "Jabra's engineering and product teams were able to create a truly differentiated offering" with "superb result".

Rob Scott, Founder of US Today

Kinly in Collaboration
with Jabra

Kinly is a leading provider of collaboration solutions that make it easier for people to work together, everywhere.

With 20+ years of experience in the AV and video collaboration industry, we now have around 1200 employees working with over 2,500 clients across the world-whose success we believe is the key to our own.

Technology is essential in that regard. But it can be difficult for an IT department to find, install, manage, and troubleshoot a range of collaboration technology on top of their other tasks-especially when there are several different brands and platforms in play.

That is where we come in.